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What if payroll was easy?


Introducing Zenhours

ZenHours is the first real fully automated TimeKeeping, Leaves and Overtime tracking and Payroll solution specifically made for the Philippines. Unlike other systems where TimeKeeping, Leaves & Overtime Tracking and Payroll are different individual systems, with ZenHours they're all fully integrated hence no need for manual and repetitive encoding.

ZenHours is also managed hence updates for government reports that change regularly are always available.

ZenHours was designed and developed by us, Cr8v Web Solutions, one of the Philippines' top software firms, which means we have no problem fully customizing it and tailor-fitting ZenHours to our clients' needs. Compared to our competitors, we did not outsource the development of this system to a third party nor are we just reselling something imported from other countries.


Track Your Employees'
Schedule, Attendance, Leaves & Overtime

Find out who's on-time, who's late and who's absent realtime! ZenHours makes it easy to track your employees' attendance, breaks, overtime and leaves. Managers can review, approve or reject overtime and leaves applications online. And our powerful scheduling system can manage even the most complicated BPO-style shifting schedules.

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Simple &
Easy to Use

ZenHours is full-featured, yet extremely simple. We know that our end-users aren't techie so we have spent a lot of time making ZenHours as easy to use as possible. You don't need to pay for costly training sessions to learn how to use our system. In fact, all you have to do is to take one look at our competitors' interface and you'll instantly know which system is better!


Do Payroll in just
One Click!

Because ZenHours has your employees' complete attendance, leaves and overtime records, it can generate your company's payroll with a single click. Unlike other systems, you don't need to manually encode data from one system to the next with ZenHours.

When it's time to do payroll, just click "Generate Payroll" and it's done!

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Reports Fast

Government compliance when it comes to payroll is a necessary but time consuming process. You have to file several monthly, quarterly and annual reports on time or you pay penalties. ZenHours takes this hassle away because it can generate BIR, SSS, Philhealth and Pagibig reports automatically. Just think of all the time you will save!

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Human Error

Because ZenHours is equipped with sophisticated validation and does most of the work for you, you will significantly lessen the chance of human error. Even the best accountant and HR personnel know mistakes sometimes happen. Give them the best tools so they can do more with less.

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Integrate with

If you want that extra measure of security, ZenHours can be integrated with most of the biometrics and proximity-card systems out in the market. This also allows you to use ZenHours in locations such as mall stores, or areas with unreliable internet connection. If you don't have biometrics hardware yet, we can also provide and install these for you.


Have a Complete
Human Capital
(HCM) System

ZenHours is a complete end-to-end Human Capital Management System. Should you need to, you can upgrade to have a Hiring and Applicant Tracking Module or a Full HRIS with complete employment history management. For enterprise plans, you can also have it customized to your exact needs and have it integrated with other systems you may already have.

You can also choose to host it on-premises or have us host it in the cloud. Get it made to order!




Get it

ZenHours has many different plans that are tailored for both small-business and large enterprises. If you're a large corporation, you can avail of our licensing program that will save you costs in the long run. And if you're a small business, you can avail of our monthly Software-as-a-Servise (SaaS) plan that allows you to minimize capital expense. And because it's so easy to use, you don't have to worry about costly training sessions and expensive support fees.


Track the attendance and work hours of your employees without the hassles of traditional timekeeping and manual computation. By simply logging in to ZenHours' Time and Attendance system, trust that every second is being counted and tracked, including overtime! And it's completely customizable! Whatever your company's timekeeping needs are, ZenHours can adopt to provide them for you.

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